09:00 - 18:30 - Building G Welcome Desk & Registration
10:00 - 10:15 - Plenary G Opening Session
10:15 - 11:45 - Plenary G Panel

"Closing the Gap Between Humans and Robots"

Chair and Moderator:
Oleg Gusikhin, Ford Research & Adv. Engineering, United States

Krzysztof Kozlowski, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Gerhard Schweitzer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Oliver Brock, TU Berlin, Germany
Faïz Ben Amar, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Institut Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique, France
11:45 - 12:00 - Building K Coffee-Break
12:00 - 13:00 - Plenary G Keynote Lecture Controlled Magnetic Bearings for Smart Machines Gerhard Schweitzer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
13:00 - 14:15 - Building RU Lunch
14:15 - 16:15 - Room G19 Parallel Session 1 - Doctoral Consortium on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics - DCINCO
  • 3: Community Driven Artificial Intelligence Development for Robotics Csaba Kertész and Markku Turunen
  • 4: Multi-objective Optimization for Control and Process Operation Helem Sabina Sánchez and Ramon Vilanova
  • 5: Augmented Reality Interface Design for Autonomous Driving Raissa Pokam Meguia, Christine Chauvin and Serge Debernard
  • 7: Design of Robust Control Strategy for Non-linear Multivariable Systems with Delay, Parametric Uncertainty and External Disturbances Jose Jorge Carreño Zagarra and Rodolfo Mejía Villamizar
14:15 - 16:15 - Room G08 Parallel Session 1 - Robotics and Automation
  • 51: Kinematic Analysis and Simulation of a Hybrid Biped Climbing Robot Adrian Peidro, Arturo Gil, Jose Maria Marin, Yerai Berenguer and Oscar Reinoso
  • 80: Visual Servoing-based Registration of Multimodal Images M. Ourak, B. Tamadazte, N. Andreff and E. Marchand
  • 101: Guaranteed Control of a Robotic Excavator During Digging Process Alexander Gurko, Oleg Sergiyenko, Juan Ivan Nieto Hipólito, Igor Kirichenko, Vera Tyrsa and Juan de Dios Sanchez Lopez
  • 142: A Depth-based Approach for 3D Dynamic Gesture Recognition Hajar Hiyadi, Fakhreddine Ababsa, Christophe Montagne, El Houssine Bouyakhf and Fakhita Regragui
14:15 - 16:15 - Room G09 Parallel Session 1a - Robotics and Automation
  • 75: Assistive Robot for Standing with Physical Activity Estimation based on Muscle Arrangements of Human Legs Daisuke Chugo, Takahiro Yamada, Satoshi Muramatsu, Sho Yokota and Hiroshi Hashimoto
  • 118: RCON: Dynamic Mobile Interfaces for Command and Control of ROS-enabled Robots Robert Codd-Downey and Michael Jenkin
  • 137: Using Tablets in the Vision-based Control of a Ball and Beam Test-bed Jared A. Frank, José Antonio De Gracia Gómez and Vikram Kapila
  • 167: Progressive Co-adaptation in Human-Machine Interaction Paolo Gallina, Nicola Bellotto and Massimiliano Di Luca
14:15 - 16:15 - Room G10 Parallel Session 1 - Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization, Robotics and Automation & Industrial Informatics
  • 45: Relative Height Estimation using Omnidirectional Images and a Global Appearance Approach Yerai Berenguer, Luis Payá, Adrian Peidro and Oscar Reinoso
  • 99: Analysis of Thermographic Patterns using Open CV - Case Study: A Clinker Kiln Villie Morocho, Eliezer Colina, Sebastian Bautista, Alfredo Mora and Mara Falconi
  • 202: Temporal-Difference Learning - An Online Support Vector Regression Approach Hugo Tanzarella Teixeira and Celso Pascoli Bottura
  • 205: Design of i-Fields System Component: Computer Model of Oil-Recovery by Polymer Flooding D. Zh. Ahmed-Zaki, S. T. Mukhambetzhanov and T. S. Imankulov
  • 209: Off-line State-dependent Parameter Models Identification using Simple Fixed Interval Smoothing Elvis Omar Jara Alegria, Hugo Tanzarella Teixeira and Celso Pascoli Bottura
16:15 - 16:30 - Building K Coffee-Break
16:30 - 18:30 - Room G19 Parallel Session 1 - Special Session on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Information Processing - ANNIIP
  • 1: Exploring Machine Learning Techniques for Identification of Cues for Robot Navigation with a LIDAR Scanner Aj Bieszczad
  • 4: Grey Relational Analysis based Artificial Neural Networks for Product Design: A Comparative Study Yang-Cheng Lin and Chung-Hsing Yeh
  • 5: An Experimentation Line for Underlying Graphemic Properties - Acquiring Knowledge from Text Data with Self Organizing Maps Gilles Bernard, Nourredine Aliane and Otman Manad
  • 6: Evaluation of Processor Health within Hierarchical Condition Monitoring System Lenka Pavelková and Ladislav Jirsa
16:30 - 18:30 - Room G08 Parallel Session 2 - Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control
  • 52: Inferential Active Disturbance Rejection Control of a Distillation Column using Dynamic Principal Component Regression Models Fahad Al Kalbani and Jie Zhang
  • 190: Application of Sliding Mode Control to the Ball and Plate Problem David Debono and Marvin Bugeja
  • 105: Calibration of Laser Range Finders for Mobile Robot Localization in ITER Tiago Sousa, Alberto Vale and Rodrigo Ventura
  • 123: Multiple Model SPGPC for Blood Pressure Control Humberto A. Silva, André Maitelli, Celina Leão and Eurico Seabra
  • 206: A Study on Several Machine Learning Methods for Estimating Cabin Occupant Equivalent Temperature Diana Hintea, James Brusey and Elena Gaura
16:30 - 18:30 - Room G09 Parallel Session 2 - Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization & Robotics and Automation
  • 106: Analysis of Shapes to Measure Surfaces - An Approach for Detection of Deformations C. M. Mateo, P. Gil, D. Mira and F. Torres
  • 149: Application of Sensory Body Schemas to Path Planning for Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) Eniko T. Enikov and Juan-Antonio Escareno
  • 156: Robots Avoid Potential Failures through Experience-based Probabilistic Planning Melis Kapotoglu, Cagatay Koc and Sanem Sariel
  • 189: Fast and Robust Keypoint Detection in Unstructured 3-D Point Clouds Jens Garstka and Gabriele Peters
16:30 - 18:30 - Room G10 Parallel Session 2 - Robotics and Automation & Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control
  • 77: Design of Mobile Microrobots with Thermomechanical Actuators N. N. Bolotnik, V. G. Chashchukhin, V. G. Gradetsky, D. V. Kozlov, I. P. Smirnov, A. N. Sukhanov and A. A. Zhukov
  • 127: Making the Investigation of Huge Data Archives Possible in an Industrial Context - An Intuitive Way of Finding Non-typical Patterns in a Time Series Haystack Yavor Todorov, Sebastian Feller and Roger Chevalier
  • 136: Exploring the Role of a Smartphone as a Motion Sensing and Control Device in the Wireless Networked Control of a Motor Test-bed Jared A. Frank, Anthony Brill, Jonghyun Bae and Vikram Kapila
  • 161: Comparative Analysis of Methods for the Log Boundaries Isolation Artem Kruglov and Yuriy V. Chiryshev
16:30 - 18:30 - Room G11 Parallel Session 2a - Robotics and Automation & Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control
  • 133: A Robust Temperature Controller Design for an Innovative Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Equipment Iulia Clitan, Corneliu Lungoci, Vlad Muresan, Daniel Moga and Valentin Sita
  • 16: A Model Predictive Sliding Mode Control with Integral Action for Slip Suppression of Electric Vehicles Tohru Kawabe
  • 60: HVDC Line Parameters Estimation based on Line Transfer Functions Frequency Analysis Jocelyn Sabatier, Toni Youssef and Mathieu Pellet
  • 100: HybridSLAM: A Robust Algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Amir Hossein Monjazeb, Jurek Sasiadek and Dan Necsulescu
18:30 - 19:00 - Building K Welcome Drink