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Special Sessions

Special sessions are very small and specialized events to be held during the conference as a set of oral and poster presentations that are highly specialized in some particular theme or consisting of the works of some particular international project. The goal of special sessions (minimum 4 papers; maximum 9) is to provide a focused discussion on innovative topics. All accepted papers will be published in a special section of the conference proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and on digital support. All papers presented at the conference venue will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library. SCITEPRESS is a member of CrossRef and every paper is given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The proceedings are submitted for indexation by Conference Proceedings Citation Index, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography and Engineering Index (EI).


ANNIIP 2012Special Session on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Information Processing
Chair(s): Kurosh Madani

IVC&ITS 2012Special Session on Intelligent Vehicle Controls & Intelligent Transportation Systems
Chair(s): Oleg Gusikhin

OMDM 2012Special Session on Operations Management and Decision Making in Today’s Competitive Environment
Chair(s): Amy Lee

Special Session on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Information Processing - ANNIIP 2012


Kurosh Madani
University of Paris-EST Créteil (UPEC)

Theoretical, applicative and technological challenges, emanating from nowadays' industrial, socioeconomic or environment needs, open every day new dilemmas to solved and new challenges to defeat. Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence and related topic have shown its astounding potential in overcoming the above-mentioned needs. It is a fact and at the same time a great pleasure to notice that the ever-increasing interest of both confirmed and young researchers on this relatively juvenile science, upholds a reach multidisciplinary synergy between a large number of scientific communities making conceivable a forthcoming emergence of viable solutions to these real-world complex challenges.
ANNIIP takes part in appealing intellectual dynamics created around bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence by offering a privileged space to refit and exchange the knowledge about state of the art and further theoretical advances, new experimental discoveries and novel technological improvements in this promising area. The goal is to bring together different representative actors (from academia, industry, government agencies, etc...) to exchange ideas, to debate divergences and to construct convergences around these propitious concepts.

Special Session on Intelligent Vehicle Controls & Intelligent Transportation Systems - IVC&ITS 2012


Oleg Gusikhin
Ford Motor Company
United States

The subject of Intelligent Vehicle Controls & Intelligent Transportation Systems covers a broad interdisciplinary area of the research and development toward next generation mobility solutions. The topics of interest range from computational intelligence methods in vehicle safety applications and autonomous vehicles technologies to new business models based on advancements of transportation information support infrastructure.
The goal of the special session is to bring together representatives from academia, industry and government agencies to exchange ideas on state of the art intelligent vehicle controls and intelligent transportation systems.

Special Session on Operations Management and Decision Making in Today’s Competitive Environment - OMDM 2012


Amy Lee
Chung Hua University
Taiwan, Republic of China

With increasingly fierce global competition, firms today need to confront a variety of issues in order to survive and to acquire reasonable profit. Not only the service industry is service-oriented, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a major transition to services, both in sales and in business structure. The move toward more extensive, customer-oriented products and services has become common practices among the firms. Thus, firms often have to provide customers with integrated product service packages and integrated solutions rather than traditional products and services. For instance, many high-technology firms are evolving and enhancing their
service offerings to meet market demands through providing services, such as original design manufacturing (ODM) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM), and under various requirements, such as emergency orders and quality needs. Many leading firms are also striving toward the successful implementation of integrated supply chain management and service strategies. Due to the complexity of the business environment, well-constructed models are necessary to facilitate relevant operations management and decision making.
The special session will consists of eight papers, and each paper has a topic that is related to the fields, such as operations management, business decision making and supply chain management, in today’s competitive business environment.